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Leo Luccioni (b.1994, France) lives and works in Brussels. His multidisciplinary practice moves seamlessly between installation, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. through a colourful, pop and gaudy aesthetics, luccioni highlights the ambiguity of our relationship with consumerism in a neoliberalism era. Between seduction and abhorrence, ephemeral and sacred, his work involves daily-life standardised products to which are given precious and fictional forms. His pieces become the characters of a fictionnal narration, comically similar to entreprenarial storytelling. Under the disguise of humour and deliberate anti-poesy, leo luccioni’s work is deeply conceptual. His subtly provocative practrice constantly applies capitalistic phenomenons - such as counterfeit, delocalised production of his own pieces, and advertising - to the artistic field, questioning the absurdity of mass production and the illusion of material happiness of our time.


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