9 signes

Graphite on Academia paper.21 x 26.25 cm. If the image, like words, has its own grammar, spelling, signs and symbols, we, as the children of the contemporary image era are still blind and unable to read it. In the reign of the "Total Image", a real cult is dedicated to visual content, put at the forefront of communication strategies. The image shares an authentic, universal and immediate message, and guarantees a better understanding than words. An image also has its own intonation, its own accent, and dissolves itself in the collective sub-conscience. One picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures fill us with ideals, fictions, lies, fake marketing, and materialism. They convey clichés and pursue homogeneity instead of diversity. In this "mediocracy" how many pictures are worth one word? These drawings are the pictures of thought. Like words shape sentences, these images converge, attempting their own writing. We can find, among others "Autodafé" from Tabloid, Facial to Aphrodite, Molotov Cocktail for Bourgeois.