Eureka chrysalidocarpus letescens 1

150 recto-verso postcards, laser printing.10 x 15 cm. Eureka Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens I is a collection of 150 exhibition views during 100 years. From 1915 to 2015, the plant family Arecas is continually exhibited. From Broodthaers to Meessen, first as a conceptuel object, the plant is then used as an aesthetic element and finally as a symbol of belonging. All these repeated representations made the Arecas’ signification and symbolic charge weaker than when it arrived in Europe as a plant concidered exotic. The omnipresence of the plant turned it into a self-referential decorative object. This way Arecas became a superficial archetype of contemporary art. Automatism replaced reflexion. The artists' names don’t appear on the postcards. All the exhibitions are mixed, all the pictures seem to express the same thing, to speak the same language.