Good survival

Silk screen print on survival blanket.210 x 160 cm.PET plastic packaging, serigraphy on stickers.25 x 35 cm. This embodies our relationship with the internet, personal data and our intimacy. The printed pattern is a combination of 24 000 images stolen from anonymous people in a European zone cybercafé. This image collection is exhaustive, it includes some emoticons, advertising, profile pictures, mails, spams, videos, identity scans etc… By showing the simplicity with which one can access a stranger’s data, the survival blanket stands as a tool to protect ourselves from the stealing of this data by states and companies. Everything we thought to be free on internet has already been paid for. Being active consumers, we share our behaviour, our web history, all useful for market research, for surveillance, for better sales. The piece works with a website called cybercafécaché.com, where all these images are visible. Work in collaboration with Morgane Leferec.