1000 cara

Graphite on Fabriano paper 220g.56 x 76 cm. The Belgian beer CaraPils is made from a blend of beers taken from the bottom other breweries’ vats. This explains why the brand doesn’t advertise its products. It is known as the “poor people’s beer” because it is often cheaper than bottled water. Without distinctive character or taste, CaraPils is the most basic of beers. The infinite number of cans of this beer, ever-present on supermarket shelves, gives the impression that it is an eternal commodity. However, one day, its production will stop, or the brand, the price, the taste, or logo will change. At which time, the beer will become a vanished artefact – an icon belonging to a particular social group and era. This drawing is an archive. It collects and transforms what has been discarded, in the hope of turning it into a relic of present time.