A black hellhound

Graphite on 220g Fabriano paper.160 x 125 cm. First exhibited in Antwerp, A black hellhound, is a tribute to the painting, A white greyhound, by Paul de Vos, a 17th century artist from Antwerp. It is also a direct reference to the logo of the AGIP oil company. This six-legged dog, created in 1952 by the sculptor Luigi Broggini, evokes the four wheels of a car, and the two legs of the driver. This association constitutes a post-modern version of Cerberus. The greyhound, found in every civilisation dating from the Neolithic era, is sometimes considered the first dog to be recognised as a breed by man. This noble, sinewy and muscular dog has been selected throughout the ages for its high performance. It is the first sculpture to have been made from a living model.