100 dos

Zinc and copper engraving, Holland velin paper.34.5 x 38 cm, 490 x 270 cm This collection of 100 unique etchings is printed from the matrix of other engravers from a 25-year period. More than simply appropriating these images, I made myself the possessor of the matrix, of the source, and of the original information. Nothing forbids us to become the owner of digital images, it’s something very anodyne. But here the action of theft is made visible. This archive is a classification of the engraving studio's waste. Some names were known, others anonymous. In this piece, it is the back of the of matrix which is printed, then my name signed to the resulting image. This usually neglected image is never considered on its own, but it can have a lot to say. It's the physical record of past subconscious actions. The image is personified and often goes beyond the engraving itself in its sincerity.