999 vols

Inkjet Printing and cut vinyl sticker.100 x 1000 cm. Each new media deeply shapes and changes society. 999 flights is an archive created from 999 images, stolen from the internet. This piece is an attempt to show the relationship we have with our culture. Internet demystified images and representations, by making them infinitely reproductible and free. Virtual culture is the reflection, and imitation of other medias where the sources are confused, shared and lost. Pictures do not have owners anymore, neither do they have objects or sense, they are disembodied.There is no information agenda or directory on internet, no visible borders that exist in other medias. Almost simultaneously, we move from a quote to a historic video, to an online sale or a porn platform. All information is dissolved and perceived through a single prism, with the consequence of blurring our scale of values.In opposition to previous generations, our generation does not need to memorise information anymore, since it is now instantly accessible. This information network has changed our relationship with knowledge. We can have everything, but we barely absorb it.In this archive, each image is taken out of its initial context and stored in a grid, where everything looks similar, on the same level. The grid embodies our standardised relationship with images. The titles and names of the images are translated into the unpronounceable name created by search engine algorithms. The opacity of these names, the absence of signification and relation to the images sources, turn us into passive viewers of an inexprimable thing, incapable of possessing the image without possessing its support. This collection is a disposable matrix. Each image is a sticker inviting us to become the forbidden owner of the images. A single "Copy-Paste" is possible. the permanent vinyl allows the action to be definitive, leaving the emptiness above the title as the trace of it. Visually, the roll of paper illustrates the scroll, but also the Torah, a texte written through images two by two and opposite. The signification of Torah is "Order" or "Law". It is the divine will in hundreds of commandments. Ethical laws establish a border bewteen good and bad.This piece refuses any hierachy of values by flattening the characteristics of the image. In contrary to the Torah, the established system is not based on subtle disparities of the signs. No interpretation mistakes is allowed neither content misunderstanding. Nothing is not important anymore, the heritage has disappeared.