64 radiographies.164 x 232 cm. Andromeda, our closest neighbour is present on all pictures of our galaxy. The 2,537 million light years between Andromeda and us are not important. We cannot consider “reality” without images and as we are part of this landscape, we cannot have an image of a “universal” point of view including us. I therefore took a picture of Andromeda and called it Milky Way. Reality is often explained with translations and fictions. Some space artists 3D-shaped and coloured the planets, based on datas and algorithms. Optical tools are not sharp enough so the scientists use the earth itself as a transmitter and receiver to obtain infrared datas that will be turned into photographs. Some images are the result of hundreds of other images to create a new theatrical truth. The same processes of knowledge are found in the infinitely large and infinitely small. We need to make things visible to locate us and acknowledge our existence in the universe. The accumulation of fake scientific datas leads to invisible borders constraining our reality. These processes are created to materialise abstract concepts and invisible notions.