Cardboard, PET plastic, stickers, inkjet printing, serigraphy, mixed medias linked to drawing, painting, and engraving.35 x 25 x 10 cm, 150 x 90 x 11 cm. What do we do with our failed tests for artworks, our aborted attempts? What to do from the waste of our artistic practice? The systems based on linear production are imbalanced and always come to a point of no return. Others, following circular production, consumption, recycling can hope to sustain. In L’affair’foire, each pack of confetti is filled of recycled art pieces which were supposed to be thrown away. Art is never new, always second hand, yet it tries to reach immortality and to longevity, two persisting yet unreal concepts. The production of an industrial object by artisanal methods is irrational. The process of transforming failed works into party accessories questions the value granted to art. The original title “confettis made from traditional etchings for a wild party of the bourgeoisie ” is turned to “LA FOIR’FOUILLE”, a French word for a branch of popular objects, making the artwork a symbolic object.