La créature, le créateur, le curateur

Series of graphite drawings on Academia paper 220g.54.5 x 74.5 cm. This series of drawings represent fictive exhibitions in real institutions. These imaginary spaces are as descriptive in their presentation and associations as real exhibitions would be. Real and imaginary works are displayed together in these exhibition and study areas. Some of these fictive pieces have been taken from their imaginary spaces and actually produced, thus creating a link between reality and fiction. But do we need to actually make the object when a picture of it is enough to make it exist? This concept can be understood in several ways within the enclosed space of the exhibition. These additional analogies generate a narrative similar to an associative word game, rather than demonstrating a stable equation. Essentially, the reflection is on the relationships between the different actors, of the value of the works, the contemporary art market, and its history. The underlying question is the edict of “the one who chooses”.