Chakra Disco Bouddha (butterfly night-club)

At the heart of a kitchen, “Chakra Disco Bouddha (butterfly night-club)” presents 8 buddha heads with the figure of Mr Propre, the consumerist icon of household products. These translucent sculptures are filled with colored lights that swirls in their skulls, transforming them between nightclubs strobes to Buddhist mandalas. The heads accompany an “Egregorian Song”, an album of 8 sacred songs with sinful words, recorded with a mixed choir of 8 singers. This project, taking the shape of a Karaoke, was realized in collaboration with the composer Line Luccioni and the typographer Laurent Muller. The lyrics of this ‘sacred karaoke’ are written solely in terms of brand names seen as elements of worship, rather than that of merchandise. These brand names are the only identical words, and together they form a new multinational language. Together, these songs present the concepts of materialism and globalization as a religion, or spirituality, called Egregorian. Each composition is a form of anti-cult, in regard to an object of consumption. For instance, we can find water, drugs or social network. To sin is to make the ordinary sacred.