Royal GALA

« Royal Gala » consists of a body of work that guides the viewer through a distorted Garden of Eden. Multiple commercial/trade symbols are stripped of their original contexts to form a series of images and reincarnated objects, floating between a day dream and spiritual materialism. The name of the exhibition refers to this iconic variety of apple, the “Royal Gala”, a forbidden fruit with advertising slogans, which we are invited to bite into, in the space of an apple tree gallery. This allegory, linked to the capacity of capitalism, to digest and spit out any criticism to adapt to each mutation, transforms our faculties of judgment, making them blurry and diluted, divided between good and evil. The logic of integrating paradoxes creates the culminating point; gas cylinders recycled into meditation instruments, interchangeable commercial mantras functioning as labels, “Forever Faster” swings as heavy and dangerous as they’re light and innocent. In this gala of temptation, this re-updated fable, the symbols recycle each other like snakes biting their tails.